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Online Dating: And One Night Stands
by Tonia Mansfield

Browsing through newspaper classifieds is becoming a thing of the
past, because the web is more convenient and easy to use.  The
chances of meeting someone you are more compatible with are much
greater on the internet, Because it is much easier to meet and talk to
multiple people online.

Internet dating can become a passion that can span across the the
world. In the world of internet dating, dating sites have become an
arena that has made it even easier for people of similar interest to
meet, whether it is love, a date or a one night stand.

Online dating is exciting. And one night stands are definitely
memorable. It is best to know what it is that you want and make sure
you are honest with the person on the other side of the computer on
your intentions. It is important that you are specific in your profile of
exactly what it is that you are looking for. However, don't disclose too
much information. Do not misrepresent yourself.  Be honest. And
remain positive.

A growing number of people are using the Internet through online
dating services, and chat rooms. And many of them would never think
of joining a traditional dating service or placing a personal ads in a
magazine or newspaper. The Internet is convenient. It can help you
find people who more accurately match your interest, than ever

The anonymity of the Internet makes it much easier to connect with
the people on the other side of the computer. It allows for you to move
at a comfortable pace.  You can reveal information about yourself as
slowly as you want.

While communicating with someone online, you get to know someone
through their thoughts, and the way they express themselves. If you
are honest about what it is that you want and you trust your gut,  
you're likely to have a positive experience!

Listed bellow are some internet safety tips you should consider before
meeting someone from online:

Do Not Reveal Too Much Information
Do not reveal information which could expose your identity, examples:
name, address, phone number, email address, place of work, etc.

Beware of Scams: A lesson I had to learn personally. Sometimes
people like to take advantage of unknowing people and may ask for
money. If this is the case be careful, they could be scamming you out
of  money.

Some people misrepresent themselves online
Some people leave out important details like being married, have
children. Some people post outdated photographs, or even
photographs of other people as their own. Pay attention to little clues
that indicate that a person may be trying to hide something. Watch for

Meet In Public/Bring A Friend
The first time you meet someone in person, take a friend along or
meet and stay in public places.
©2005 by Tonia Mansfield
All rights reserved.