The Top 27 Valentine's Day Tips to Make Your Man Desire You More
by Py Kim

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. You have been in a
relationship with a man for a while, but he hasn't been
committed to you. You might wonder about him: "Is he going to
commit to me on Valentine's Day?" "Is he going to propose on
Valentine's Day?"

Valentine's Day is actually the best day to break up with a
partner if the relationship isn't going anywhere. My 27
Valentine's Day tips are politically incorrect, but they are
always practically correct.

Here are the top 27 Valentine's Day tips to make your man
desire you more:

1.Build a small shrine to his manhood for his Valentine's Day

2. Be more feminine, beautiful, and sexy to get you a

3. Don't give away sex until you at least get a commitment to
seeing only each other.

4. Be nice to get him to commit

5. Be a Good Woman

6. Make him feel good as a man

7. Don't manipulate him

8. Let him know your life goals (including marriage and kids, if

9. The more commitment from him (engaged, married), the
more committed sex from you.

10. Set a deadline if necessary.

11. Give away credit for your sexual pleasure to him.

12. Say special things ("I love how your manhood makes me

13. Be direct with him; men don't pick up on hints well.

14 Learn to female ejaculate, then teach how to make you

15. Understand what men want from women (sex with
enthusiasm, respect, and appreciation).

16. Find what makes him happy.

17. Tell him you'll never lie to him; then don't.

18. Negotiate with him: "I'll do all the cooking, if you'll do all the
cleaning. Renegotiate if one becomes dissatisfied.

19. Be conscious of what's going on in the relationship with

20. Discuss your relationship at least twice a month; don't let
"things" build up.

21. Let him know that the deeper his commitment the more
free and totally involved you are sexually.

22. Let him know your fundamental needs (marriage, a happy
loving relationship, good sex) in your life and that for a happy,
long-term relationship he has to help you to meet your
fundamental needs: again be very direct.

23. Let him know you want to be beautiful, feminine, and sexy
for him, that he inspires you to be your most attractive for him.

24. Praise him and his manhood; let him be your hero;
appreciate what he does for you (all without wanting something
in return for the praise).
25. Never refuse to give sex. If unable to have sex, make a
date for the near future. And be enthusiastic!

26. Inspire him to treat you well.

27. Do all or much of the above and he will marry you, never
leave, and consider himself the luckiest man alive to have
found you!

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