Which Sex Position Is Best for You - And Why?
by Rod Phillips

Which Sex Position Is best For You - And Why?

We conducted a survey among 500 men and women and
asked them what their favorite sexual position was. these were
the answers we got. For men, first favorite was rear entry with
both partners kneeling; second was
woman on top, facing
forwards; third was man on top; and fourth was side by side,
facing each other, with the partners' legs wrapped around each
other. Women expressed a different set of preferences!
Their favorites were, in order: first, woman on top, facing the
man; next, woman on top, facing away from the man; third,
spooning (which means cuddling with the man behind the
woman both facing the sameway); fourth favorite was rear entry
kneeling; and fifth was the man on top position with the
woman's legs around the man's back.

You'll have noticed the surprising thing here is that man on top
is not number one on either the men's or the women's list of
preferences,yet we know that more couples have more sex in
the man on top position than any other. So why do men and
women say that they prefer rear entry, woman on top and
spooning to man on top sex positions?

I think the answer is perhaps that most couples really like the
man on top position, but they think it might seem a bit boring or
conventional, so their answers to the question "Which sex
position do you prefer?" really reflects the positions which they
fantasize about or think are more exciting!

But there aren't really any surprises in the positions men say
they prefer. Certainly, we'd all expect rear entry to be high on
men's list of favorites. It's a position which most men find
irresistible, with a very arousing view of one's partner inviting
one to make love with abandon, in a raw, powerful, masculine
style. Since most men like to see the "ins and outs" of
lovemaking, so to speak, this position is very exciting and often
arouses men so much that they cannot last particularly long!

This may make the position rather less than satisfying for
women, although when a couple are enjoying rear entry sex, a
woman does have the opportunity to show the powerful side of
her sexual nature, and she can make love with lust and
passion. It's only likely to be unappealing for a woman if she
has issues with her body, or she thinks her man will see her
body at its worst when she's exposed to his gaze like this. (A
note for women readers - your man probably cares a lot less
about the appearance of your naked body t an you do...he's
about to make love with you, for one thing, and he probably
isn't paying much attention to the bits you find unattractive!)
Another advantage of this position is that it makes for the
deepest penetration possible, which is another deeply
satisfying experience for most men. Unfortunately a rather
large number of women feel that the rear entry position makes
them into a sex object, which in a way is understandable, since
of all the sex positions, this is one where men are likely to get
carried away with lust.

Woman on top is a satisfying position for both partners. The
woman can control the depth, speed and angle at which her
man enters her, which makes her much more likely to have the
pleasure of an orgasm during intercourse. And of course she
can stimulate herself as she likes during lovemaking, which
adds to the chance of her reaching a climax during sex. So why
isn't this position as popular as man on top? I think the answer
lies in our preconceived roles of how men and women should
act during sex; that is to say, we tend to think the man must
lead, initiate and dominate during sex, and the woman must be
the "receiving" partner, be less assertive, act more passively,
take a more "receptive" role. When a woman's on top, she has
the chance to reverse these roles, to lead and to control the
pace of sex; but although this may be exciting once in a while, it
may be too much against our established view of sex roles for
us to feel comfortable with it if we were to use it all the time.
Woman on top therefore remains a treat which couples enjoy
from time to time as a variation on the established pattern of

So man on top sex remains the favorite sex position of almost
everyone - despite what people claim in surveys! It's certainly a
very satisfying experience for both partners, and as I
mentioned above it is indeed the sex position which most
couples use more often than any other. Why? Well, it's very
easy to get into, it's relaxing for the woman, who can enjoy the
sense of her man entering her and making love, there's lots of
opportunity for eye contact, plenty of bodily contact and usually
deep penetration, and there's also the romance and pleasure
of kissing. For the man, there is the satisfaction of deep
penetration, powerful thrusts, and perhaps a slight sense of
dominance over his partner - I suspect this is important to many
men, and it allows the woman in turn to enjoy a sense of being
dominated by a loved and trusted partner.

To sum this up - it feels good for both the man and the woman!
And of course in some variations of the man on top position, it
is possible to see the most intimate details of your lovemaking,
so you can enjoy seeing the most intimate connection between
you and your partner. For many a man, there's no better
moment in sex than that of pushing into his partner in the man
on top position, watching her reaction as she feels the
wonderful sensation of being so intimately connected to her
partner, of being "taken" by her lover. There's a profundity to
this connection which defies words, and in my opinion man on
top sex fulfils some very basic and deep instincts for both men
and women. It brings out the masculine in men, and the
feminine in women - in short, it reinforces our sexual sense of

Perhaps the greatest thing about man on top is the deep
connection that can develop between a couple. One drawback
is that the deep penetration and pelvic thrusts open to a man
can make him reach his orgasm quickly, though this can be
controlled if a couple slow down the pace of sex for a while to
allow his arousal to drop. Once in awhile a couple may agree to
have a quickie, a session of lovemaking where the man just
goes for his pleasure, with the agreement and support of his
partner - a no-frills session of lovemaking, which satisfies his
deep urges and allows him to enjoy himself without the need for
much foreplay. This is a very satisfying thing for men, and if a
couple can build this into their love life, it may encourage the
man to spend time romancing and seducing his partner in the
way she likes the next time they make love.

Side by side positions for sex are very much about slow,
romantic, gentle lovemaking. They allow the partners to gaze
into each other's eyes, to have full body contact, and to enjoy
the most intimate connection without the man reaching his
orgasm too quickly. If you're not already incorporating side by
side sex into your lovemaking, why not start with the basic side
by side position? Start making love in the man on top position
and then roll over (without the man coming out of his partner),
and you should be able to get yourself into a relaxing position
on your sides. gentle lovemaking can then continue for as long
as you like! You can talk, caress, rest and resume, going on for
as long as you wish, until you both reach a very satisfying
orgasm. And since either he or she can stimulate her clitoris,
this might even be be a simultaneous orgasm - an experience
well worth seeking out, as it's more intense than coming


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