Make Your X-Mas Sexier: "This X-Mas Will You Be Naughty or Nice?"
By Tonia Mansfield

I know that I am not the first person who has ever noticed the commercial effect
of Christmas. Of course, X-Mas is not about giving expensive gifts to each other.  
This is not a bad thing, but its about remembering the true meaning of X-Mas and
showing the people that you care about how much you really do care.

All my, life I've looked towards the start of something new, particularly during
X-Mas, and especially in the bedroom.  There are several ways to pay attention
to your lover's desires especially during the X-Mas season - especially on low
funds during the holiday season. I think it is important to spend quality time
with the one you love, and letting them know just how much they mean to you all
year and not just during Christmas.

I want to focus more on lovers. For those of us who have busy lives, and
sometimes take for granted expressing our appreciation for having your partner
in your life, the best way to figure out what to give and how to express yourself to
your partner is by visualizing how you would love to be treated on a holiday as
special as Christmas.

My partner shared with me, something that was oh so much more special than
any gift I could have received.  He gave me the gift of love, and satisfaction
beyond anything that I had experience in my life. I know your asking what was
it?  Simply a sensual (non-sexual) massage and pampering.

It kinda caught me off guard.  It was Christmas Day; we both planned to spend
X-Mas together instead of with our families. Financially, we had a tough year.
After having been laid off from work we both needed time relax our minds.  Barely
surviving off of our income my self-esteem was kinda damaged after
unsuccessfully being able to find a job.

That night, I had taken a short nap after having exchanged gifts with my partner.
My partner woke me up and told me that he had made a bubble bath for me. Half
sleep, and disorientated, I walked into the bathroom to find candle light, and
smooth jazz in the background and a warm bubble bath just for me.  I quickly
took off my gown and slipped into the bathtub. The rush from the heat felt so
good on my body.  He left me in the bathroom to enjoy my gift from him. Little
did I know, this was only the beginning.

I was probably in the tub for about an hour, because my skin was wrinkled. I
woke to hiim standing over the tub smiling. He had a towel in one hand and he
grabbed for my hand with the other.  He slowly dried my body and then securely
wrapped a towel around my body, then guided me to the living room area where a
blanket laid across the floor in front of our fireplace. There were roses and
candles light waiting in the living room. I sat down on the blanket, securing the
towel around my body. He handed me a card that he had made himself on a piece
of paper.  In the card he wrote "
This is all about making you feel special...I
promise to put a smile on your face and have you feeling relaxed in so many
ways before this night is through...

He kissed me on the lips, caressed my cheeks then told me to lay on my
stomach. I willingly followed his instructions. He softly kissed the small of my
back, then began to massage my feet, legs and worked his way up to my
shoulders and back with some aromatherapy oils that I later found out later he
bought earlier from Bath and Body Works. His touch was smooth, sensual and
effortless. My whole body and mind was relaxed and stress-free.

How does this story pertain to me, is what you may be asking. Well, my answer:
"You can make your X-mas sexier with little or no money, just by using your
imagination and pampering yourself and your partner."

Whether your single or in a relationship, I suggest you start to find that little
things that can become a romantic episode that's so memorable. Because you
never know when you'll have an opportunity for romance, especially during the
holiday season.

Surprise your lover with sensual creativity this Christmas; are you going to be
naughty or nice?
Make Your X-Mas Sexier: "Are You Going To Be Naughty Or Nice?"
©2005-2009 by Tonia Mansfield
All Rights Reserved