Yoga And Sex: Kundalini Yoga Favors Sexual Energy For
Mental Strength
By Ashish Jain

Kundalini Yoga-- This age old yoga practice is quite wary of
other ancient religious practices for gaining elevated spiritual
state. While most of the religious practices prefer ascetism and
sexual abstinence as a way to uplift soul, Kundalini yoga
considers carnal indulgence as a medium to increase self
exploration. This practice of yoga lays great emphasis on
leading a healthy sexual life.

Kundalini yoga suggests to "feel sex" instead of "merely
performing sex." According to this Yogic philosophy there could
no better way to mutual exploration process than act of
copulation. This yoga vehemently condemns the widespread
connotation that sex is an impediment in attaining higher state
of being.

Kundalini yoga practice is basically termed as fiery practice as it
requires you to be very active. It doesn't help you in gaining
increased level of sexual prowess but also contributes to your
worldly success by providing you with required mental peace
and energy. The concept of kundalini says that spinal sexual
energy is potent enough to offer great mental strength and

The energy associated with kundalini concept is said to be of
most powerful kind that flows in an energy canal inside the body
that is known as Shushumna. Along with it there exists an
additional canal in men and women. In women this additional
channel of energy is termed as "Pingala" while men possess
"Ida" canal of energy.

The kudalini suggests male and his female partner to first attain
equal level of energy before going for copulation. For that they
are first directed to get indulged in various tantric yoga
meditations and asanas that help them attain complete
rejuvenation as well as higher level of being. And energy
gained after undergoing these Tantric Yoga practices happens
to be unmatchable. Equipped with incredible energy and
elevated physical and mental state a couple could experience
optimum sexual pleasure and mutual exploration.

The hallmark of kundalini Yoga lies in its philosophy of strong
connection between carnal indulgence and spirituality. But
many people find it too difficult to get accustomed with
refraining from orgasm that is not a preferred kundalini
practice. According to the concept avoiding orgasm could result
in increased level of kundalini energy in the body.

Kundalini's way of masturbation results in great physical and
mental relaxation. Like other yoga forms kundalini is also
gaining world wide popularity. You can also opt for kundalini for
above mentioned advantages, but I would suggest you to take
up kundalini practices in consultation with an expert tantra yogi