A Cheater’s Promise is an explicit urban tale of sex and
drama written by Brooklyn native Maurice Derrick Geter. It
takes place in Brooklyn, New York. It is a grown folk urban
read that will take you inside the mind of a playa. Although,
this book has a decent story line, I found certain parts
disturbing such as domestic violence, drug use, disrespect
issues towards women and other explicit situations that
upset me as the reader. This book is not for the tame. It’s
one of those books you will either love or hate.

“Never fall in love, that is why you keep more than one
female in your life, because a b*tch ain't never breaking my
heart,” was one of the most impressionable statements
made to the main character Damien White at a very young
age when he got caught watching a strip show in the back
of a store where his father worked.  From there on, the
story painted an image of how Damien and how some men
learn from a very early age to think in the “playa mode.”
According to the author, there are three types: (1) Pimp:
one who needs money. (2) Playa: one who wants mostly
pu*sy. (3) The Hustler: one who just wants both.

Although, Damien would always have a "girlfriend" that he
would call his "main woman" he always kept one or two
"side chicks" that he would call "jump offs". A jump off is a
woman who is down for whatever and is willing to be used
for sex by a man even if he is in a "committed relationship"
and just will cause havoc. She is available anytime and
anyplace for any type of sexual encounter such as
threesomes etc.

In my opinion, there were some sex scenes in the book that
seemed a little bit exaggerated and there were parts that
could have been written a little better. One thing that I
cannot deny...there is definitely a story here, and it
sparked my interest because it seemed to be a very honest
story written to the point that I at times felt upset with the
main character throughout the book! And also, with the
women who allowed him to degrade them, use them and lie
to them.

There's something unstoppable about a woman's intuition.
Once a woman is pushed to her limits, there’s no going
back. This is something that Damien experienced over and
over again, but did not truly seem to "get it."

I think what bothers a lot of people about this book is that
this is something that does happen A LOT (but that is the
ugly game of cheating), as I can admit that I even know a
"Damien". It is pathetic and very sad that one could live his
life so selfishly. Damien is a loser! Could he ever be a
changed man? Is there any help for this type of man? Well,
you know what they say about karma...

This book is definitely a good urban read. If you are easily
offended by explicit language and controversial topics,
then this is not the book for you (because you will get very
upset)!!! But if you are interested in reading an honest but
raw book about the mind of a cheater as well as being
entertained, then this is the book for you.

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted May 2012
Book Review
A Cheater's

Derrick Geter

Published By:
Black Line


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