1-900-Anytime is not a book that you read, Tracy
Price-Thompson made it a novel that you truly experience.
She is more than a master of words. Price-Thompson digs
deep into her characters psyches and pulls out reactions
that will make you reflect on your own perspectives and
attitudes. For example, Bess' hideously deformed body
houses the most beautiful mind and angelic voice that a
human can possess. However, society imposes harsh
condemnation that flies in the face of what is deemed to be

Most books are a form of escapism. For me,
1-900-Anytime added new perspectives to the world
around me. A Chinese restaurant will never be the same to
me after reading Cho's introduction. Bertha's experience
with "church folk" early in 1-900-Anytime had me nodding
in agreement and struggling to stifle my laughter the very
next moment. I had a hard time figuring out if the
characters enhanced the story or if it was the other way
around. As an author, Price-Thompson really brings the
skills of a master painter to a reader's visual pallette.

Bertha Sampson, and her alter ego Bliss, will bring you a
lot to contemplate. From Bertha, you will be exposed to the
painful world of being born with horrible birth defects, in
the sense of being disfigured and debilitated.
Price-Thompson writes with such clarity that it will open
your realm of consciousness in terms of the challenges,
both physical and mental, that a person with birth defects
has to live with. The two characters embody one person,
each with sexual and spiritual identities that shed light on
the complexities of the simple lives of the people we
encounter on a daily basis.

In terms of Bliss, she introduces a world of people who use
phone sex as a means of fruition. For Bliss' customers,
their time with her is worth more than the money they
consistently and willingly pay. This is because this is more
than escapism. From the platinum-selling thug rapper who
is secretly homosexual to the straightlaced WASP
professional with HIV to the Chinese restaurant owner who
yearns hot a hot, young blonde, Bliss is a vocal chameleon
who makes their fantasy a reality.

Phone sex, for Bertha, is financially and sexually fulfilling.
Once used a commodity by her scrupless Aunt, Bertha's
angelic voice is her only redeemable quality in a society
that puts a premium on good looks. In her small apartment,
there is a room under lock and key that houses Bliss'
"Purple Room". It is there where she is able to spend a few
fleeting moments away from the meager reality of Bertha's
life that is subsidized by a foundation that helps people
living with the hardships that birth defects bring.

She is a scholar bringing depth to seemingly subtle things
in a way that will teach a critical thing reader a thing or two
about the world that surrounds him. Instead of everything
being hot and sweaty, Price-Thompson shares the life of
people who use "phone sex" merely for companionship.
Once character, in particular, befriends Bliss for this
purpose as his wife slowly passes away. They was that
character is woven into the plot twists is amazing.

Strong characters, heart-wrenching situations and
breath-taking scenarios makes 1-900-Anytime well worth
reading. As you close in on the end of the book,
everything comes together in a totally unexpected manner
- even if you took the time to read the back cover.
Bertha/Bliss is a character that you will never forget, and
Price-Thompson made sure that her clients will forever be
etched in your brain also.

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine

Posted July 2010

Tracy Price-

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