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Jess C Scott

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Jess C Scott

August 2009

Paperback &
.4-Play is a delicious collection of erotic stories from a
contemporary prospective. Various stories range from
very sensual themes to more untraditional roles such as
brother-sister love, cyber-sex, bi-sexuality, gay love and
supernatural sexual encounters.

This book does not appear to be put together in
traditional terms -- in terms of the layout . But what I feel
is most interesting is that the stories are very clear in
covering topics that challenges the reader to see sex,
and love through a perspective that is more accepting of
others' differences whether it's sexual orientation, or just
the acceptance of being able to make a choice about
who one loves or have sex with. The themes of sex, love
and acceptance appears to flow a lot throughout the

My favorite stories are Oral Fixation and Tongue Tied,
both dealing with the topics of gay/lesbian love and oral

4-Play offers a very erotic and intellectual view of love
and sex. I appreciate the efforts of creativity that was put
into this book. If you are looking for a book that is a non
conforming collection of erotic stories from various
perspectives of sex and love than this may be the book
for you. The choice is yours. Happy Reading!

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted December 2009
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