Don't be fooled by the title, this book has all the elements for
an Euftis Emery book...a whole lot of drama and
hot and
sticky sex!
Abundant Ministries gives you  a very insightful
look at what inspired Euftis to write his two previous books Off
Da Chain Vol 1 & Off da Chain Vol 2 as it relates to the
dynamics of his disastrous relationship with his ex-wife .

The story starts out with Euftis and his wife in bed as she
behaves irrational and delusional and even hearing voices in
her mind. This cease to cause a breaking point as their
relationship spirals out of control. Abundant Ministries gives
you a  peek into Euftis' life and marriage as he perceived it.
And it gives a peek  inside his mind and personal thoughts
about his relationship both good and bad.

In the book, Euftis touches on subjects that many of us do not
want to admit exist in the church and even relationship
problems with mates such as mental illness, homosexuality,
infidelity, and religious hypocrisy as it relates to how these
factors can affect  a marriage; I was very impressed on how
frank Euftis writes about these subjects and about his marriage.

Amidst to all of this drama you will be treated to a story that will
entertain you. A story that deals with real people ...real stories
that really happened in real relationships. And how "church
people" can actually have sex that is beyond the norm ex:  
Anal Sex, BDSM, Infidelity, lesbianism, red sports, and
threesomes to name a few. Who can even mutterer the word
sex in the same sentence as church...but hey it can happen in
a Euftis Emery book .  This time around the dynamics of the
relationships in his fourth book (Abundant Ministries) are more
intense both sexually and even romantically...but most
importantly, after you read this book you will understand the
reason why Euftis is often called,
"The Bad Boy of Erotica."

Euftis' writing style is very personal, very honest and intense   
because he NEVER holds back. He is a very detailed and
skilled writer  If you're interested in reading a true story that
writes honestly about taboo topics but at the same time
entertains your sexual urges than perhaps
is the book for you.

Four and a half Stars Out of Five!

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted: September 2008
Book Review



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