A Christmas
Collection: Spicy

Kit Prate

C. A. Paris


Laura Shinn

Published By:
Independent Publishing



Authors Kit Prate, CA Paris, Cheryl Pierson, and Laura
Shinn come together for this spicy anthology of Christmas
stories that will have readers believing in the magic of the
season - and love. Each story has an unique setting and a
heartwarming authenticity that will draw the reader into the
romance of Christmas.

Kit Prate pens Feliz Navidad. A historical western, Gabriel
Hawkins seeks revenge for a boy he raised, but Christmas
has other ideas. Will Gabriel find revenge or happiness at
the end of his journey?

Gabriel's story is intriguing, leaving the reader to wonder
what will happen as they turn the pages. The ending
captures the same ambience of hope that Christmas does.

CA Paris crafts a contemporary romance with "Underneath
the Mistletoe." Scott and Tiffany are best friends who long
for more, but it isn't until they share a kiss under the
mistletoe do they contemplate changing the dynamics of
their relationship.

I really enjoyed Scott and Tiffany as characters. The
relationship was realistic. There's always a special magic
when you fall in love with your best friend. The story will
warm the reader's heart.

White Christmas by Cheryl Pierson is another
contemporary romance. Derek Pierce is a firefighter.
Carlie Thomas is a nurse who watches over him during the
holidays. Both have suffered losses and Christmas is a
bittersweet time of the year for them. Can the magic of
Christmas heal their wounded hearts?

Pierson's writing is crisp, engaging the reader on an
emotional level. Christmas is about hope and love, and the
story captures that effortlessly, reminding us of the reason
for the season.

The Hands of Time by Laura Shin blends romance, magic,
and history seamlessly. It's the late 1600s and Lady
Graciela Scott is sent into a snow globe after being put
under an enchantment. Only her true love can set her
free, but will time allow them the opportunity to find each

I adored this tale. Shinn captures the essence of a
fairytale, aka Sleeping Beauty, and brings it to life in the
story. As Christmas hope endures the test of time, so does
Graciela and Ken's love.

The anthology's stories are all sophisticated in nature. The
love scenes are tasteful, yet sensual, and full of chemistry.
Each story is loosely connected as they evoke the theme
of hope during Christmas. This spicy anthology is a
satisfying holiday tidbit.

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

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