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a dream of
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A Dream of Unfettered Roses is a book of poetry by
Toronto poet and artist Charles Moffat.

At first glimpse, especially from the very attractive cover,
this book looks very sensual. But, what makes this book
more interesting is the author's honest look at life through
his art and his words. Moffat is a poet who through his
words, deliberately challenge his readers through
language that is thought provoking but serves its purpose.

There are some misspelling, in which the author explains
upfront in his introduction that are deliberate, to express
specific points and ideas to his audience.

You can expect poems that offer honest truths on topics
ranging from life, love, politics and rambling thoughts that
are about the need to change the way we see life through
themes of social change and freedom of speech and
expression. There are many poems that are humorous,
serious and also have unique romantic tones.  

My favorite poem is a short piece entitled
Angel of Bliss,
about a dance with a woman who is so irresistible yet so

Moffat is not only a talented poet, but a talented artist.
The art display throughout the book are his own art. Many
of the images are very sensual and at times very risqué.
In contrast, many of the poems are not about sensuality
as the images shows, but challenges the reader to think
about the true meaning of life.

This book contains 2 epic poems: "The Legend of Lilith"
and "Rama and Sita". You can read samples of Charles
Moffat's poetry at

As a whole, with the combination of art and poetry I give
this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted April