A Hard Man Is Good To Find is an urban romance written
by author James W. Lewis. Michelle Larsen, was single and
looking to mingle after a very bad break up with her ex.
She had come to a point in her life where she was willing to
step out and meet people out of her comfort zone.

Upon returning to the dating scence, Michelle was feeling
unfilled sexually and emotionally by the men that she had
met. Until one day she met a man named Daryl Jackson
who she met by chance. Not only was he very attractive
with a perfect body, but he was also intelligent, and
seemed to have everything that she was looking for in a
man. In fact, he seemed almost too good to be true!

Michelle was really into Daryl, but was afraid that he was
not feeling the same way, because he had not made a
move on her sexually. Daryl had a secret, and Michelle was
determined to find out just what that secret was especially
since she wanted to contiune to date him. Was Daryl
actually Mr. Wrong in disguse?

This story is filled with lots of humor and well written
dialogue that is realistic and entertaining as it relates to the
various experiences that many women encounter on the
dating scence.

The overall writing takes a urban turn with conversational
slag in a "sista girl" type of writing style. This story seems
to be more geared towards women.

My favorite part of the story is the end and it brought tears
to my eyes as I read this awesome story to its final end. A
very good read...I laughed until I cried.

Five stars out of five

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted December
A Hard Man Is
Good To Find

James W.

Published By:
The Pantheon

June 2011


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