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Gomorrah has been resurrected…

Zedde tells a mesmeric tale of lust set in the backdrop of
Miami.  I am attracted to erotica in which I can potentially
expand my own sexual horizons by learning something new
or have a voyeuristic peek into things that I am incapable
of experiencing (ie, lesbian relationships).

I read this book wide eyed.  Like a young boy who falls
upon his fathers nudie magazine collection for the first time
as he thumbs through the pages quickly while keeping
both ears open  and glancing over his shoulder repeatedly
hoping that they  don’t get caught.

Fiona does not give us a…taste…of sin.  Ohhh no!  She
stuffs the reader with a banquet of it.  I must say after
reading this book I am…very…satisfied.  However,
although I enjoyed the intensity, passion, and
remorseless…sinning…of the women that Ms. Zedde
created in this hedonistic tale.   I am more impressed with
Fiona’s writing style.  At times her words literally dance on
the page with a life of their own.

It’s official.  I am now a Fiona Zedde fan.  Great book.  
Great writer.  

Five stars out of five

Euftis Emery
Author of Off the Chain

Posted April 2007
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