Blindfolded Innocence is a coming of age erotic story
written by Alessandra Torre.

The main character, Julia Campbell is a wholesome and
innocent pre-law student. Julia interned at a prominent
law firm fresh off a break-up with her ex and soon found
herself involved with a much older, wealthy and
experienced attorney named Brad De Luca. Julia was
warned about Brad's ways with women. His charm and
incredible sexual appeal was just too irresistible for her to
ignore. Julia was enticed by his invitation to take her on a
trip with him to Vegas. Vegas opened Julia up to more
possibilities when it came to her sexuality.

Brad was the kind of man that liked bad girls and avoided
the innocent types because "they" wanted commitments
and were too clingy. Despite being innocent, Julia had
every single physical trait that Brad was looking for in a
woman. But could he turn her into the bad girl that he had

Brad was determined to ease Julia through pleasure and
a forbidden world of sexuality that brought her to ecstasy.
He offered her irresistible sex.

Brad was a threat to Julia because getting involved with
him meant she could risk her career, reputation and what
was left of her innocence.

Julia was not in control; it was Brad, something that Julia
reluctantly got used to. Not only was she the intern but
she was his own personal student.

The beginning of the story kinda set the scene for what
was to come later in the story. The story line was
interesting and relatable. It wasn't until the middle and
end of the story where the story became more explicit
with explicit scenes such oral sex and threesomes.

The ending of the story kind of left the reader hanging. I
look forward to seeing how this story will play out between
Brad and Julia in the sequel which is schedule to come
out soon by the author. This was a good read.

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted February
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