I enjoyed this book from a clinical standpoint in that it
gave me a glimpse into the mind of a lesbian. Fiona
Zedde takes us on a journey of realization, discovery,
acceptance, and finally ...bliss.

I must admit, that I was engrossed, as the main character
removed herself from a tedious relationship with a man to
be turned out completely by an Uber lesbian. Only to find
her heart shattered and then realize that many of the
problems that she was faced with in a relationship with a
man apply to having one with a woman as well.

The tale then slowed down for me a bit, as the main
character then ran home to Daddy (which I found a bit
ironic) to lick her wounds and patch her soul. Although,
the imagery that Zedde paints of Jamaica and it's people
is vivid and enlightening, the book dragged a bit as Bliss
finally finds true love.

As far as erotica goes though, Zedde is no joke. You
won't be disappointed with her sex scenes even if you
don't swing that way. Girl on girl. Girl's spanking girls. An
orgy with girls from every race. Ohhh my! I do believe
that I need to take a trip to the bathroom and finish
reflecting on my most favorite parts of the book....

four stars out five

Euftis Emery
Author of Off the Chain
Book Review

Fiona Zedde

Published By:

August 2005

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Posted November 1, 2006
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