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Carta Di


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Four Girls


Straight from the beginning of the story, Kate sets the
stage for an engaging story that captives the reader.  The
introduction to me was so vivid that it read like a movie.

Kate's style of writing in this story is very detailed and yet
very suspenseful.

The story begins with Rachel White, a freelance
writer/journalist accepting an interview with an eccentric
antique map collector named Dax Brown.  Rachel studied
the images of antique maps that Dax collected as well as
read about his eccentric lifestyle.

Rachel developed an interest and fixation on a man who
was mysterious yet highly appealing to her. Rachel's
curiosity led her to yearn to understand him beyond the
reputation that the public had made him out to be.  

Dax's philosophy on life was one that maps tell a lot about
life. But she wondered if collecting maps had become his

Once Rachel meets Dax, she realizes that he may not be
the man that the public had made him out to be and her
curiosity grew more for this man during the interview and
their sexual attraction developed throughout..

The sexual heat between the characters was sizzling hot,
and had me at the edge of seat!

As I read this story, I wondered what was it that really
attracted Rachel to Dax. Was it his money, power, fame or
was it something else? Did they have a lot more in
common then she realized? Was there a story behind this
mystery man? You must read the story to find out...

This short erotic story is worth your money to buy and read.

four and half stars out of five.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted March 2007
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