Trista Russell is a master of the written word. Chocolate
Covered Forbidden Fruit
is a mixture of dysfunctional
sexual relations, love gone bad and biblical teachings. If
there is a such genre as Christian Erotica, Trista Russell
would definitely be in contention of being the Queen.

Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit follows
twenty-something Thalia Tyree as she tries to navigate
through the twists and turns of a life that should be
boring, but is anything but. Thalia's best friend, Madison
Flack aka "Madi", has a father to die for. The tall, dark
and handsome Reverend Isaac M. Flack is the pastor of
Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in Miami and the
central figure of every woman's sinful fantasies. The
accidental death of his wife leaves him to focus full-time
on his daughter and his ministry.

Spurred on by her college grad friends, Thalia tags along
with Madi and crew on a road trip to the Black College
Reunion Weekend in Daytona Beach. It doesn't take long
for the girls to find some delectable trouble to get into..
Finding a crew of four gentlemen from Atlanta, Thalia,
Madi, Yvette and Kantrell find themselves with ample
entertainment for the vacation weekend. Leon and Thalia
slowly build the sexual tension through a couple of
Blowjobs, a mixed drink with whip cream on top. A
handsome man with a huge member and a couple of
rounds of alcohol is all Thalia needs to go from school
teacher to naughty nurse.

Although Thalia doesn't kiss and tell, the next night of
Truth or Dare proves to be an eye opener as Madi and
Kantrell, former high school enemies, find themselves in a
lip lock that would turn any man on. (That kiss
foreshadows something ten-times more freaky between
the two would-be foes.) Before it becomes Thalia's turn
for truth or dare, Leon rushes off for what seemed to an
emergency with his daughter. The next day at the club,
Leon's friends alert Thalia of Leon's wife arriving at the
Black College reunion. To make matters worse, Leon and
his wife are at the same club. Thalia is invited to the
private level and confronts Leon and his wife. It turns out
that it isn't Leon that calls her up, but a mysterious man.

Andre Teasdale not only has sex with her on the first
night, but also sweeps her off her feet. Thalia soon finds
herself moving to Philly to marry Andre, but Andre's
cheating ways are soon revealed when he gets caught
doing more than planning a wedding wit the wedding
planner. Easy come, easy go. Thalia decides to leave
Andre high and dry. A chance meeting in a Chicago
airport with Reverend Flack leads to a dream come true.
Isaac and Thalia form a bond that leads to marriage, but
also sexual bliss that will almost make you guilty to read.
Let's just say that Revered Isaac Flack is man of God that
will make you say, "Oh my God!!"

Somehow, Trista Russell was able to write a novel that
has a sexually-active preacher without the novel being
vulgar or sacrilegious.The action is fast and far from
boring, but it's not all about sex. Instead Trista Russell
has penned a story that is not only realistic but also easy
to read. There were times that t I would look up and two
or three chapters had passed, yet it didn't feel like it. I
think Chocolate Covered Forbidden Fruit would be a
great book in any collection, whether it be erotica or

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine
Posted March 2009
Book Review
Forbidden Fruit


Published By:
Urban Books

August  2006

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