Joan Elizabeth Lloyd's Club Fantasy is so much more than
a story about the proverbial "good girl gone bad". Club
Fantasy is even more than about a woman becoming
sensually liberated. This is a novel about the chain
reaction caused when a keystone is moved from what
seems to be a socially stable situation.

Jenna Bryant has everything she needs. She has a twin
sister who loves her, a boyfriend who wants to marry her
and a great job as a translator for multinational business
negotiations. Her life as a twin is consistent, and Marcy is
Jenna's polar opposite: slightly overweight, a homebody
and a obsessive planner. Glen is loving, intimately
monotonous and stable. Although she can not put her
finger on it, she has a strong desire to try something
different before she get sucked up in the humdrum of
Seneca Falls, NY. This desire to fly the coop is coupled
with the terror she is faced with as Glen proposes

Jenna finds a way out through Chloe, a former college
room mate that offers her refuge in her Manhattan
brownstone. Jenna really does not know if wants to move
to the big city for a taste of a faster pace or just to get
away from her boring lifestyle in the town known as the
"Gateway to the Finger Lakes". Chloe  finds Jenna a temp
job in Manhattan as a translator which leads to a love
interest that briefly takes her mind off of Glen. Briefly...

Chloe desires for Jenna to make the most of her time in
Manhattan. Chloe is a voluptually charged dynamo and
encourages Jenna to spread her wings and enjoy the men
that the big city has to offer. She brings Jenna into her sex
life when she asks Jenna to film her and a current lover as
a birthday present to that lover. Jenna's skills behind the
camera garners a request to film more - this tims as an
active participant. When faced with her increased sexual
proclivities and a need for moneys to maintain the
household, Jenna faces the prospect of entering the sex

What starts out as a hand job, uncontrollably unravels into
a full-fledged business dubbed Club Fantasy. Discreet
encounters with Chloe and Jenna at the Manhattan
brownstone comes at a pretty penny and a prettier
experience as they begin to discover the ins and outs of
sexually pleasure for monetary treasure. As Jenna
becomes more adept at handling the business aspect of
having sex, she finds it increasing harder to keep her her
skilled trade a secret. Marcy has twin moments that link
her psychically and sensationally to Jenna's carnal
occupation, and Glen refuses to let the love of his life go.

Club Fantasy is a perfectly edited erotic masterpiece. I felt
like a was in New York with Jenna and crew because of
how Lloyd's vivid descriptions. From the people to the
clothes to the seasons and even the meet up places, her
attention to detail gave the reader enough to visualize
what was going on while still leaving room for the reader's
imagination. The placement and the pace of the sexual
encounters are superb. This is definitely geared towards a
mature reader who wants quality along with quantity.
There were a couple of times where I was so wrapped up
in the coital exploits of Jenna, Chloe and Rock--I saved a
little plot twist for you to read--, I had to look around to
make sure no one could see how much I enjoyed what I
was reading.

There is another element that I enjoyed as a fan of the
overall packaging of a book. The book cover is a simple
picture of a a couple of glasses and a rose in one--very
subtle and understated to the aloof. I felt there was more
to the book cover's simplicity. Upon further inspection, I
found that some of Joan Elizabeth Lloyd's other book
covers have the same motif. There are at least two related
books to Jenna's story, The Price of Pleasure (which
comes before) and Night After Night (which comes after).
Although Club Fantasy can stand alone, Joan Elizabeth
Llyod has created a sensual world for her readers to dive

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine
Club Fantasy


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