I had the pleasure of reading the first installment,
and figured I would give the second a try. I was
definitely pleased because this installment gives
the reader a more in-depth view into these
likeable characters from the where the first
installment ended.

This second installment is just as dark and sexy
as the first, but it adds another layer of complexity
because it shows that Alexander and Elena's
relationship has progressed over a year. Their
relationship is more realistic because is shows
that their relationship is flawed. Elena is an open
book and is learning the rules to their relationship
while Alexander seems to play the rules like a
handbook. However, Alexander's dark secrets are
up for debate as Elena is faced with finding out
the darker shades of truth.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks
Bare Back Magazine
Darker Shades of

J.R. King

Published By:
Amazon Digital
Services, Inc

Release Date::
December 2014


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