Daydream Diary Vol 1 by Lily Angelo is a very
interesting collection of erotic stories. Ms. Angelo’s
stories are very imaginative and offer a vast variety of
erotic short stories that include erotic sci-fi, role play,
and even erotic texting between lovers.

Most of the stories seemed to have one thing in
common: having Ms. Angelo included as a character in
each story. This was not a problem, because all of the
stories were nicely put together.

My favorite stories were Mr. President and Whore Day.
These are two examples of two very different types of
stories but both had that little extra spice that kept me
interested as the reader. Mr. President was a sci-fi story
and Whore Day I enjoyed very much because the story
line was very unpredictable and had me at the edge of
seat as I was pleasantly surprise at how the story ended.

Daydream Diary Vol 1 is a nice collection of stories that
offers a fresh look at erotica that is both intriguing and
intoxicating. I really enjoyed the sexy scenes between
the characters in each story. Overall, this was a good
read that was for the most part fun and sometimes

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

May 2013
Daydream Diary:
Volume 1

Lily Angelo

Published By:

August 23,

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