The author deals a serious story about sex, drugs
prostitution and a deadly disease. This is a ghetto drama
centered on the very serious topic of AIDS. The story takes
place in Puerto Rico, Virginia, and Washington D.C. And is
paced with multiple characters centered on the very
sinister protagonist Lucien Octavos Valentino. He is a very
sick man on a mission to infect as many people with the
deadly disease that consumes him. To purposely infect
someone with AIDS is a very serious topic.

Each chapter has a statistical fact about the truths about
deadly diseases such as AIDS and that make each chapter
more informative and conversational.

Valentino, a former soldier, had a very troubled past. He
sold dope and was also involved in prostitution as a way to
make lots of fast money.  He was also the carrier of HIV5x
an aggressive form of the AIDS virus. If there’s one thing
that this story will do is to make you think about having
safer sex and becoming more aware of the company that
you keep.  This book is an eye-opener on how serious the
spread of this disease really is.

This story has a very fast paced story line, and has
multiple characters that sometimes made it difficult to keep
up with in addition to grammatical mistakes that were at
times distracting. The writing style is very urban and very
ghetto. The author is applauded for tackling a very serious
topic in a manner that not only educated the reader but
also entertained. However, if you are not into ghetto urban
books than this may not be the book for you.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted August 2012
Deadly Phine

Darrell King

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darrell king


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