A Devil in The City Of Angels
A Devil In The City of Angels is an interesting story about
feminine dominance, love, and lust.

On the outside, Vanessa appeared innocent and sweet to
many, but those who knew her well knew that her
seemingly shyness was just a exterior disguise.
She heard of Michael – a rock musician in Los Angeles
and was intrigued by him even more when she saw him on
a local television show. She also lived in LA and was
determined to meet Michael. Vanessa’s wish had come
true when their paths met at a club in LA.

Their attraction was almost immediate. Michael knew that
there was something different about Vanessa. She was
not like most women he met in LA.  But what he didn’t
know was that Vanessa would be a handful.

They become intimate almost immediately after meeting
and he was soon introduced to Vanessa’s control and
dominance sexually. He was overwhelmed and surprised
because she seemed to be the shy type.  Spankings, and
handcuffs, and Dom/Sub role play became a norm in their
budding relationship.

Michael often referred to women as “Little Birds” before he
met Vanessa. The little bird syndrome was no more... Sex
with Vanessa was more than ordinary. It was extraordinary.
She had a huge appetite for sex and Michael was the
candy for her sweet tooth.

Michael had lost control – she owned him lock and key. He
was completely under her spell.  Vanessa had fucked his
brains out...and with her, there were no limits. Their sex
life included threesomes, and anal sex which was
somewhat taboo for Michael.

Their relationship towards the middle of the story made a
serious turn as their connection became much stronger
than the sex and Dom/Sub sex that had initially brought
them together. They both realized that love was budding
between them and that was very nurturing.

This story only clocks in at 64 pages but a nice treat if you
are looking for a little Dom/Sub action.

What I liked especially about this story was the intimate
look into a Dom/Sub relationship especially where the
female is the dominate one.  The beginning of the story
draws you in with lust and sexy scenes but as the story
unfolds, you will find a budding romance that adds a nice
flare to the story that will turn you on and then make you
smile at the end.  

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted August  2010
A Devil In
The City of


Published By:
Renaissance E


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Story category: Bondage - BDSM,
Erotic Romance, Hero-sexual