Dirty - An Erotic Tale by Megan Hart
Reviewed By Relana Flores

"Dirty" by Megan Hart is an emotionally deep and well
written book. Described by the author as an "erotic novel,"
Hart has done an amazing a job of crafting an erotic tale
with an actual story line.

The book is about Elle Kavanaugh, an accountant living a
colorless, emotionless existence. While in a candy store
one day she meets Dan Stewart, an emotionally vibrant and
open man and the complete emotional opposite of Elle.

This book chronicles the story of their relationship which
starts off as a series of "appointments," (Elle doesn't date)
in which they indulge in their physical attraction to one
another. There is plenty of sex in this book but there is also
the unforgettable story of a very flawed and deeply
wounded heroine. Dan on the other hand is an alpha male
with a twist. Neither character is your typical romantic hero
and heroine. The presentation of their flaws as they
struggle through negotiating a relationship that neither
anticipated is heart wrenching.

As the story progresses you see how Elle maintains a
distance from everyone around her.

As Dan begins to break down the emotional walls, Elle
starts to retreat because of an inability to tolerate emotional
entanglement. There are times when Elle is difficult to like
but you understand that her actions come from a very deep
wounded place.

This book is not for everyone. It tackles some difficult
subject matters. If you like your erotica with more sex than
story don't bother with this book. But if you don't mind a
gripping emotional journey, coupled with your steamy sex
then this is a great read.

Reviewed By Relana Flores
Book Reviewer

Posted: July 2013
Book Review

Megan Hart

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