I read all three of the Fifty Shades of Grey books in less
than a week. That should show you how addictive the
books are. I found that the books were very well written, as
well as very captivating. They were very hard to put down; I
just wanted to keep reading. Each book had the same
central story line, while maintaining differences that made
each book interesting in its entirety. Any of the three could
be stand alone books, except for the central characters in
each book. For each person who had read these books it
has likely changed the way they look at their own intimate
relationships. For others they have probably experimented
due to the ideas they got from the Shades of Grey books.

The audience it appeals to may range from the 20 year old
to the 50 year old women. The books are written for the
more mature audience, and should be only read by the
mature audience. Each character is well rounded and
interesting; it makes you want to get to know each one of
them personally. The writer did a perfect job of describing
each one, where you can create a picture of them in your
mind. That is one of the best parts of the books. Coming
from someone who loves to reads all sorts of books
definitely romance novels; this is on my list at the very top.

With every turn of the page you get sucked in further into
the erotic pictures the writer paints. The addicting nature
makes them near impossible to put down. As you read
each book you want to put yourself in the position of the
characters, you want to become them. The idea of trying
the way of life depicted in the books becomes a seemingly
forbidden fantasy. You see the love that is created in the
span of the books and you want to feel that, to see if it
works for you.

Each page brings to life your sensuality and experimental
nature. I feel that every person that reads the books will
enjoy them very much. Although, some people have given
them the title "smut books", I don't agree with the term. I
believe the books are wonderful and a great read for
anyone who loves to go a little deeper into a romance
novel. I hope my review has made you want to pick them up
and read them for yourself

Reviewed by Caitlyn E Kellett

Caitlyn Kellett is a 23 years old single mother of two and
dreams of becoming a book editor.
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Shades of

E L James

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