By Lia Bens

In Fifty Shades Freed Christian becomes more than just a
sex god- who knew he would turn out to be such a good
guy? And so damn compassionate? O.K., we all did. I admit
I'm a sucker for Christian- even when he is being utterly
obnoxious. James allows us to see past the arrogant
behavior to the man Christian would have been had he not
suffered such a wretched past.

James knows her readers- and what they crave. I have
always argued that James developed more than an S&M
series in these books. There is an excellent story here, even
if many people can't see past the so-called 'bad writing'. Like
Edward and Bella in the Twilight series that the Fifty Shades
books were based upon, Christian and Ana also get married
and learn they are expecting a child. It serves to makes the
couple even more human.

James ties up the loose ends from the first two books and it
does sometimes feel a little rushed- like she is trying to fit it
all in. We find out Jack Hyde's story. It's eye-opening to learn
the details of Christian's past and watch him show his
vulnerable side when he loses control over ANYTHING. Mia's
kidnapping is finally wrapped up, along with the sub-plot:
'Mrs. Robinson and the Subs.'

But don't worry- there is still plenty of hot sex and- yay!- a
return to the Red Room. Thankfully James doesn't
disappoint- there is also plenty of romance too. Perhaps she
has run out of a little steam- the cute bantering back and
forth between Ana and Christian isn't the same as in the
past. But James also has a lot of ground to cover and
manages to do it pretty well.

What is my favorite part of Fifty Shades Freed? Definitely
the epilogue. I wanted to find out if they live happily ever
after! I also liked the bonus sections- "Fifty's First Christmas"
and "Meet Fifty Shades." "Fifty's First Christmas" gives a
first-person account of Christian's first Christmas after being
adopted by the Greys. And "Meet Fifty Shades" shows us
Christian's first impressions of Ana in their first two meetings.

Yes, I am sad to come to the end of the Fifty Shades trilogy.
But truthfully, I can't wait to see what James has in store for
us next.

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