Fifty Shades of Lexi Maxxwell is a collection of sexy
stories, containing 50 of Lexi’s best erotic short stories in

This book is broken up into several parts that include
previously published Lexi titles such as Swallowing
Secrets 1-4, Sex & Money Series 1-4, Talking Dirty Series
1-4, Random Encounters Series 1-4, Lexi Maxwell’s
Holiday Series, and the entire first book of The XXX Files
Episode 1. There is also an essay included called: This is
Why Erotica Readers are Happier People. Each section
dug right into the world of sex. Frame by frame, each
story added more depth to the other until the readers is
able to see a clear story line from each section of
individual stories because a lot of the same characters
were used in other stories.

My favorite section which is also the largest section of the
book is the Swallowing series. The stories were very
erotic and even had some surprises and twists that I
enjoyed reading. At first, it was a bit of a challenge
keeping up with the characters because there were so
many characters that emerged and reemerged from other
stories, but my attention was kept because the stories
were not only interesting but also very erotic.

Hot is what I can say for the stories especially in the
Swallowing series, each story offered creative ideas on
how to be more sluttier in the bedroom. I often times
found myself either smirking or with my mouth completely
open because the stories were just that hot.

There were some errors in the book, but it did not
discourage me from reading the book from beginning to
end. This book has nothing in common with the 50
Shades story (in terms of BDSM). The only similarity in
the name. There are many dominate female characters
that offered no apologizes for their sexual desires in this

There is a lot of dirty talk and explicit sex scenes and
even humor crafted into each short story. So, if you don’t
like short stories and/or easily offended by explicit sex,
this may not be the book for you.

Considering how much the author offered in terms of the
amount of well crafted sexy stories, I would say that this
author did a good job at offering the very best to her

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted April 2013
Book Review
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Published By:
Lexi Maxxwell


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