Friends With Benefits is a lovely erotic romance
story about two best friends who discover their
feelings for each other after an unpredictable event
occurs that changes their relationship.

Meg and Jeff were best friends since the eight grade.
They knew everything about each other. So it only
made sense that they would become closer friends.
After many years of friendship, Jeff and Meg decided
that they would take their friendship to another level
and would become friends with benefits.

The agreement included that they did not have to be
exclusive to ensure no emotional or romantic
entanglement, just sex whenever the other needed it.

Their relationship was predictable, but once they
added sex in the mix, things became more
complicated. An unspoken and lingering romance
was sparked when Jeff admitted that he had sex with
another woman. Now the rules had changed and an
interesting twist of fate caused Meg to rethink their
‘friends with benefits’ agreement when she realized
that perhaps her feelings for Jeff were more intense
than she had thought. Jeff in turn, discovers his true
feelings for Meg as well.

Friends With Benefits is an interesting short story
that has elements of humor in the dialogue between
the characters which made the story more enjoyable
to read.  Jeff and Meg’s relationship seemed
realistic.  I enjoyed the sex scenes especially
because of the unexpected and unpredictable
element that was tied into their sex acts.  Jeff knew
Meg very well, almost like his favorite book and he
pushed her to her limits sexually.

Although, the story does have a predictable ending, I
throughly enjoyed reading this story because it was
well written, and offered realistic scenarios
throughout the story added with the very erotic sex
scenes.  This story is a very hot pick and I would
recommend this erotic romance story to anyone.

Four and a half stars out of five

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted September 2009

Cat Johnson

Published By:
Linden Bay
Romance LLC


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