Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina is P. Elaine Archie's follow up
The Weekend. Now that Nina De'Juan is seriously
dating Omar, she's dealing with the baggage left over
from a failed marriage with Taye and a devastating
breakup with Si'Time. Omar is a triple threat:
down-to-earth, established financially and well-verse in
the art of sexual intercourse. Nina's past is affecting how
she sees her future with Omar, and it could cost her the
last shot she has a true love.

Archie does a wonderful job of adding the spice to the
sex scenes. Beyond the coitus, there is little by way of
plot progression and theme that hooks the reader into
the 260+ book. The editing job on this book was minimal
at best. This and made Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina very
hard to read. There were too many grammar and
punctuation errors. Many times, I had to re-read the
sentences to figure out who said what. I normally can look
past a couple of missteps here and there, but almost
every page had some type of error on it.

Fact checking would have been another asset to shoo
away a finicky reader like myself. Nina stated that one of
her daughters went to "North Carolina University" in
Durham, NC, when the correct name is North Carolina
Central University. A parent might say the wrong name
when stating a college that there child attends, but this is
a book that will read by potentially millions of readers.

Another huge mistake was Nina stating that LL Cool J was
"that rapper from California". Sure, he has a classic
entitled "I'm Going Back to Cali". The fact remains that
he's from New York. Nina, at 40 years old, may have not
known that, but again this is a book that could be read by
millions. Little mistakes like that take away from reading
about the other things that could be potentially unknown
like the hotels and beaches mentioned by Nina was in

Archie also let the narrator rattle on too long. The
narrator told most of the story. Some of the stuff the
narrator explained could have been easily set up by
dialogue between characters or by the characters while
they where interacting with their environment. Many
times, I wanted to skip through the book to get back to
what the characters were doing. It was like the narrator
was holding an annoying conversation that I could not
excuse myself from.

Gettin' Caught Up Wit' Nina would have been a much
stronger follow up to The Weekend if it were shorter and
had more plot twists.

2.5 out of 5 stars  

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine
Book Review
Caught Up
Wit' Nina

P. Elaine

Published By:

April  2008

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