Maxwell pens an intriguing historical romance with "His
Christmas Pleasure." Andres Ramiego is a Spaniard now
living in England. Using his father's title of baron, he hopes
to open up doors for himself in English society. However,
when he meets the enchanting Abby Montross, all that he
values comes into question. Will honesty win Abby's heart?

Set in London, 1812, Andres is a handsome man and the
English ton value his appearance above all. He's followed
by married women and courted for his style. In an effort to
gain some perspective, he steals away to a private study
during a ball. The door opens just as he's admiring a pistol
and it appears he might be intending to harm himself. A
beautiful young woman knocks the gun out of his hand and
they fall to the floor. Andres learns that his rescuer's name
is Abby Montross.

Abby is twenty-five and unmarried. She's in love with
Freddie Sherwin, but Freddie is engaged to her cousin.
Abby's father intends to marry her off to a much older man
with thirteen children.

Andres realizes that they can help each other. Abby comes
into her inheritance of 2,000 pounds a year upon her
marriage, and Andres needs the money to establish his
stables in Northumberland. In turn, he saves Abby from
marrying a man she'd be miserable with. Abby agrees to the
marriage. The couple leaves London with the intent to
elope. However, Abby's father is hot on their heels and the
chase to Scotland is on. Can Andres and Abby find
happiness with each other?

Maxwell's writing is crisp and engaging. The plot is intriguing
as well as suspenseful. I was on the edge of my seat during
the chase up to Scotland as I had no idea what the outcome
would be.

Maxwell's descriptions and dialogue had a nice authentic
ring to them, allowing the reader to paint the setting of the
story in their mind.

The best part of the novel was the characterization. Andres
has not always done the right thing, but he's true to his
feelings, and this allow his character to grow into a better
man. Abby looks at the world realistically except when
dealing with Freddie. Andres teaches her to be true to her
own feelings. The supporting cast of characters are
deliciously entertaining.

If anything, while the story culminates at Christmas, I
thought the title didn't quite fit the story.

The novel is sophisticated for romance readers with love
scenes that are sensual and embody the love Andres and
Abby discover. Overall, I enjoyed the story very much. "His
Christmas Pleasure" is a page-turner.

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

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