Keep It In The Family is an urban erotic story by erotic
author Euftis Emery. Mr. Emery is known for writing explicit
reality-based erotic stories and adding his wit and humor to
the plots and situations that he finds himself in, and this
book is no exception!

This story centers on his relationship with his live-in
girlfriend Ila. Ila is an insatiable nympho who also happens
to be an adult entertainer and escort. Euftis and Ila
apparently felt like they were in love with each other despite
the fact that their relationship was not monogamist and they
played mind games with each other. There were some
romance between the two, but to me as the reader it
seemed like a dysfunctional relationship. But together, they
had a relationship that was comfortable and engaging.
They engaged in risqué sexual activities with random sex
partners. In fact, it seemed that they tried to out do each
other in their own bedroom as well as separately with
different sex partners.

In this story, Euftis focused his attention on a set of ghetto
twins he met on the internet who live in Charlotte, North
Carolina. The twins were exact opposite of each other in
terms of personality, but both had an interest in Mr. Emery,
and he was delighted by the challenge. On top of that, he
flirted with and contemplated having a sexual relationship
with his own first cousin! He traveled across the country for
business and pleasure to engage in sexcapades with
different women he met from the internet (talk about being
a pimp…hmmm).

This book is filled with lots of sex and great humor and wit
supplied by Mr. Emery. Many of his sexcapades was
extremely hot and erotic. There are even some elements of
deception and twists that left me surprised as the reader.

This book is not for anyone who is easily offended by
explicit sex, urban erotica or even porn. This book is good
for anyone who is interested in getting first-hand accounts
of a non-monogamist relationship, and the mind-set
involved in this type of relationship.

This story is well-written, but is twisted in how it all unfolds.
Mr. Emery is a great writer; you are sure to get an insider’s
view of the naughtiness that lingers within his mind.

And as a bonus, Mr. Emery added enhanced features to his
e-book such as pictures, video and audio which made this
read an interactive experience. This ebook contains an
excerpt to Euftis' next book, "Keisha" and the audio book,
"Taming Wild Punany".  These enhanced features are not
available on Amazon’s Kindle, but are available on Barnes
and Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. So it is recommended
that you purchase your e-book on Barnes and Noble, Kobo,
or Google Play to enjoy the enhanced features that will
sure to make reading this book more like you’re
experiencing it first-hand as you are reading along.

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Keep It In The

Euftis Emery

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted March 2013