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Lynda is a sexy model who marries a much older rich
man (Andrew). The life of a housewife was not exactly
what she had expected.

She did however, enjoyed spending Andrew's money,
but soon found that something very important in their
relationship was missing. It was sex. Andrew did not
appear interested in sex, and this did not please the
sexy former model because she had a very huge
appetite for sex.

She soon began to have secret  extramarital affairs that
became almost like an adventure each time as she
fulfilled certain fantasies that she wanted to explore
through her affairs. Life as a trophy wife was boring
until Lynda decided to make it more interesting. And
interesting is just an understatement for the things she
did and the nastiness that she found herself in ranging
from threesomes, interracial sex, and bisexual sex to
name a few.

Each sexual escapade was well written and very
graphic in story details. The story as a whole was well
written with a few grammar issue that did not interfere
with the story at all.

This is a very short read clocking in at only 50 pages.
But this is a great read for anyone interested in reading
an extremely erotic story filled with lots of sexy scenes
that will most likely leave you feeling very aroused.   

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

July 2011
Lusty Adventures
of a Trophy Wife

Don Abdul

Published By:

Nov. 2010


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