Sylvia Hubbard's book is titled, Mistaken Identity (One
Woman's Deceit Leads to Ultimate Delight). The book
should be titled Good Things Cum to Those Who Wait,
because in the end good things cum to the lead character
of the book and how!

This erotic drama tells the story of two identical twins,
Denise and Dana, and the triangle of love and deceit in
which the twins ensnare an unwitting pro football player
within. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for several reasons.

First, was the twin angle. Growing up, I always wished and
fantasized that I had an identical twin dreaming about the
elaborate games that I would have played on people if I
did have one and the twins in this book went way beyond
anything that I ever imagined.

Second, was the good twin, bad twin angle. Growing up in
a family where my parents played favorites and being the
least favored son, I could identify with Dana's struggles
and pains and delighted at her accomplishments when
she grew into adult hood.

Third, was the sex. Damn. Throughout all of the sex
scenes in this book, I was rubbin' and touchin' myself
makin' faces and sayin' things like, " that's what I'm
talkin' `bout, some for me..., get that s*&t ...". Get
the picture?

When this book gets to it's conclusion, I guarantee you will
be fanning yourself from the extreme heat that it
generates. Not only do I intend on buying the Mistaken
Identity for my personal collection of erotica, I will also
recommend it to all my friends.

five stars out of five

Euftis Emery
Author of Off the Chain
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Hub Books


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Posted December 1, 2006
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