Pink Moon A Menagerie
of Erotic Prose
Pink Moon A Menagerie of Erotic Prose is a book of erotic
poems written by first time author Sarah Murdaugh. The
poems vary in topics from love, foreplay, sexuality, and
sensual attraction

The book is edited very well, clocking in at approximately
64 pages. I was impressed with not only the excellent
editing but also the unique poetic flow and style of the
author. I found the poems to be very original but subtle at
times. Many of the poems appeal to the heart and
imagination and are often more romantic than erotic in
nature.  One of the first poems entitled - Lyrical Garden
introduces the author's style giving an overview of whats to
come in the book with themes of love, sensuality along with
hints of sexuality.

The poems are well written and explore playful topics of
foreplay written from a woman's perspective.  This is a
quick read, but good enough to satisfy your taste if you
are interested in reading well written sensual poems, and a
lovely book to read with your lover.

Learn more about Sarah on her website @

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted October 2010
Pink Moon A
Menagerie of
Erotic Prose


Published By:

August 2010


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