The Pussy Whispers is an extremely impressive collection
of short stories and poems written by first time author,
Dean Jean-Pierre and clocking in at appropriately 344

The introduction very clearly sets the tone of what Mr.
Jean-Pierre defines as “The Pussy Whisper”, shedding
light to men on how to please a woman not just physically
but also mentally through seduction.

As the title of the book suggest, many of the stories and
poems are about women who whether intentionally or
unintentionally experience “The Pussy Whisper” from men
well versed in the art of seduction. Once a man can have
a woman ease through his actions and words he can
control and make love to her mind and body in the most
pleasurable way imaginable.

As I read through The Pussy Whisper I was smiling with
delight from page to page from the sheer gratification and
range of intense feelings I had while reading this book. I
was most of all impressed by the author’s ability to have
superb control over his words and sustain it throughout
the book.  

His use of description set the atmosphere for a series of
incredibly sexy stories and poems that very tactfully
showed his ability to ease subtle hints of realistic humor at
the most appropriate points in his stories.  

Reading through this book, you can expect stories and
poems that are sophisticated, cleverly written, and
poetically tasteful. This book is for both men and women to
read and can be read as foreplay to get you in the
mindset for foreplay with your lover.  My favorite stories
were pretty much all…but if I must choose they are as

Fruit Salad Dessert: A story with a romantic tone of
sensuality when Nicholas arranges a surprise sexy night
with his wife Anna. Except his idea of lovemaking is more
creative than she could ever imagine. Sex, love and
seduction are brought to another level with a very special
fruit salad dessert.

Twenty Fingers, Two Tongues And Something Hard: A
story about Mariah a female executive who had not had
the touch of a man in a long time due to her workaholic
antics. She experienced well needed satisfaction at work
from the most unexpected outlet and place.  

Mr. Jean-Pierre writes with such depth and understanding
of love and intertwines it with sex in the most erotic yet
tasteful way.  I was pleased with this collection. I smiled. I
laughed. I was at times highly aroused. But most of all, I
felt mesmerized by Mr. Jean-Pierre’s passionate stories
and the beauty that he created through his words.  This is
by far one of the best collections of erotic stories and
poems that I’ve read in a very long time.

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in
reading sexy stories that are both erotic and intelligent.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted July 2010
Book Review
The Pussy


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