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Sex Secrets of
an American

Py Kim

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Ladies have you ever wanted a Big Sister to teach you how to
attract, meet, date and ultimately marry a "good man?"

Py Kim Conant is the author of
Sex Secrets of an American
Py offers a very controversial approach in teaching
women how to marry a
"Good Man" through what she calls
"Geisha Consciousness"

Py describes herself as the Geisha Big Sister and her female
readers as the Younger Sister in Training (also referred to as

Throughout the book Py takes you on a journey of discovery,
and awareness, teaching you the reader (The Geisha in training),
how to use your sexuality, and femininity through proven Geisha
techniques to attract and marry a good man.

Py's techniques are outrageous and unique but very honest and
direct. This guide is sexy and is a great read, offering very
graphic and hot examples of ways to heighten sexual passion
between lovers.

Py discusses her own personal experiences and feeling of being
inadequate and feeling non-sexual in her 20s, to an awakening
which started after watching 9 1/2 weeks in a dark movie theater
in Hollywood.

According to Py, the awaking took many years of research and
discovery to develop the controversial technique she calls,
"Geisha .Consciousness".

I went back and forth with this book on whether it could really
help women. I wondered whether a non Asian women who read
the book could possess the qualities discussed in this book to
keep a good man.

Feminist may oppose some of the techniques discussed in this
book because she suggest that women should accentuate their
beauty and femininity as well as be submissive to a man to
attract, marry and keep a man. But this book is more than just
that...its about a woman learning to develop proven skills to
become better at attracting the right man for herself as well as
becoming a better woman, lover, and wife, not only through her
outer beauty but also through her inner beauty and sexual
satisfaction from herself and her man.

This book is a fun and very good read. This book is not just for
women of Asian descent, it is for all women, single, married or
in a relationship because it teaches women  how to harness their
feminine and sexual side to keep a good man. Men will want to
read this book also to know how to find a good woman who is
willing to openly explore her sexuality...

Four and a half stars out of five

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted February 2007
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