Sexual Deception is a Whiskey Creek Press double header with two
short stories by Brenda Williamson and Rayne Forrest. The short
stories follow the theme of "things are not always what they seem."  
The plots are interesting and the sex is intense.

Slave of Saharic

Brenda Williamson crafted Slave of Saharic to be a perfect sci-fi tale
equal parts love and lust. The planet earth is now part of an
inter-galactic culture where women are replaced by "interactive
partners". These robotic replicas render themselves to the
pleasures of men who need nothing more than sex toys that can
also clean their houses.

Renn and Creeg are two friends who contrast each other like night
and day. Creeg is gung ho and shoots from the hip, pun definitely
intended. Renn is more reserved and takes a more rational
approach to life. Their bond is held together by Renn's stability and
Creeg's adventurousness.

While illegally perusing the new batch of interactive partners to be
auctioned later that day, they come across a replica that
immediately catches Renn's attention.The attention to detail and
breathtaking realism is all he needs to see. Renn decides to put all
of his money on this particular interactive partner. Cadie is an
escapee from another world. Her arousal to Renn's touch was real;
her future on planet Earth is uncertain.

For me, this short story is what great erotica is all about. Slave of
Saharic brings the best elements of literature and intertwines them
with a sexual intensity that will leave you feeling borderline guilty for
reading it. The affection and aggression that is sparked by Renn
and Cadie's proximity to each other is juxtaposed by the slowly
deteriorating relationship between Renn and Creeg. The setting is
built thoroughly enough to get the reader acquainted within short
story but leaves adequate room for further exploration in a different
story or novel. Williamson brought the human touch in a way that
transcended time and space allowing the reader to escape through
the glimpse into the lives of the world found within Slave of Saharic.

Mischief at Midnight

Mischief at Midnight is an erotica offering by Rayne Forrest the
keeps the readers engulfed in the sexual tension between its two
main characters Madelyn and Dallas. Madelyn Murphy is a board
member of her local chapter of the Mystery, Mayhem and Murder
Tours. Due to a faulty Gamma Del Royce in her Hazel I drone, she
finds herself unable to pull off an elaborate menu she planned to
entertain her guests as a board member of her local chapter of the
Mystery, Mayhem and Murder Tours. Instead of letting her soiree
suffer, a quick call to Triple D Drones gets her a suitable
replacement while her service drone is repaired.

Dallas Dyson is the owner of the multi-trillion dollar company Triple
D Drones. He finds himself on the verge of a massive recall of the
Hazel I model because of a fifty-cent relay. When her takes
Madelyn's service call, an impromptu answer to her pleads for help
draw him into an adventure where he must play the role of the "Trent
personal pleasure drone" she thinks she's talking to. Before he can
realize the impulsiveness of his actions, he is not only serving as
the perfect butler at Madelyn's party but also utilized to relieve her of
her sexual tension.

After the flawless party, the nervous energy between the two will
leave you looking at the page numbers wondering if this
embroilment can be resolved before the last sentence. Although
Madelyn is impressed with the physique of the "personal pleasure
drone", she is hesitant about whether or not she will be properly
satisfied by a robot. Although Dallas feels guilty about his fib,
Madelyn's full figured frame is utterly intoxicating. The encounter
leaves both yearning for more, yet apprehensive of their next move.

Will Madelyn tell Dallas that she figured out the truth? Or will she
continue the charade to relive the pleasure? Will Dallas gain the
confidence to come clean? (No pun intended.) Or will he be a slave
to Madelyn's sexual appetites to keep a potential lawsuit from
destroying the company it took a life time to build? The ending will
surprise you.

I enjoyed the predicament. A woman taking a chance to have sex
with a drone and a man trying to mimic a drone and not lose his
cool during a bout of ecstasy is hilarious. The complexity of the
situation coupled with the distinct character traits of Madelyn and
Dallas made this story interesting to the very end. Madelyn was
serious minded but not snooty. Dallas had a hard time with letting
his intelligence take the lead to his impulses.

Rayne Forrest has a witty mastery of the language with a style of
writing that is proper and naughty at the same time. There are times
were the structure goes from proper to prim. A couple of the sex
scenes became bogged down with various details. Little was left to
the reader's imagination. Don't get me wrong; the sex was steamy.
It's just that the description of the heat left my noodle limp and
overcooked at times.

Sexual Deceptions is a fairly quick read since the stories are written
by experienced writers. The two stories are different enough that you
don't feel cheated feeling just rehashed the other's stories. Instead,
you get two worlds that are intriguing and compliment each other.

Four out of Five Stars
Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
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Williamson &
Rayne Forrest

Published By:
Creek Press

July 2008

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