Rachelle Chase's Sin Club is nothing short of sensual. If you like to
read erotica that is more naughty than nasty, Chase is an author to
look into.

The Sin Club is a Bay Area radio show. The show's host, Tommy
"Dr. Love" Jones, pushes his listeners to sin: to act in a way that
changes an aspect of a relationship that is offensive to the sinner.
Dr Love's Sin Club quickly gains a national following because
people are inspired to get out of their comfort zones and spice up
their sex lives. Sin Club features three people who take Dr. Love's
advice and sin. And when I say sin, I mean sin!

When Jessie Anderson takes Dr. Love up on this "sinful" advice,
she gets way more than she bargained for but exactly what she
needed. In an brazen attempt to rekindle a limp relationship with her
asexual boyfriend Martin, she goes out on a limb. Jessie sets up a
sequence of events using the unoccupied house next door. Upon
cue, Jessie releases her "inner burlesque queen" by giving a nude
bump-n-grinder from her bedroom window. Now, this is what most
men pay their good, hard-earned money for in the gentleman's club.
As it turns out, Martin is absent, but the house is far from vacant.
Jessie unwittingly arouses the desires of her soon-to-be neighbor
Nick, a mysterious sex addict with a broken heart. The long and
short of it, pun intended, Jessie finds out "size does matter" while
making a connection that is deeper than sex.

Sharice is another listener of the Sin Club that decides to take her
love life in her own hands and make something new and interesting
happen. Tired of being the average chicken-head club-hopper,
Sharice wants to find a little adventure in new places. As Shawn
screams out the window of a passing car in front of Club Maxwell's,
Sharice quickly scribbles down the cutie's number. After much inner
debate and conflict, Sharice bites the bullet and initiates the
connection. She unknowingly dials the number incorrectly by one
digit and calls Jamal. After a brief and flirty conversation, Sharice
meets him at a nearby hotel's bar thinking that Shawn has stood
her up. The sexual charades that follows could very well be the
hottest scenario in Sin Club. Jamal's approach to the "no strings
attaches" sex that Sharice requests breaks past her detached
facade. Her orgasms from Jamal's touch leaves her too vulnerable,
and Sharice struggles to regain control of her emotions.

Alyssa is the webmaster of the popular gossip blog Sex in San
Francisco. The work she puts into keep her world in the know takes
away from her personal life, meaning no sex... Her friend Shannon
operates a professional escort service that's strictly NO sex. While
Alyssa is in Shannon's office trying to explain her decision to take
Dr. Love's advice and sin, Tony Brooks walks in for Shannon's
professional services. Since Alyssa stated that she wanted to do
something new, Shannon sends her to accompany Tony to a
business engagement. Although feels like she's being used like a
piece of meat, she is naturally attracted to one of San Francisco's
most powerful businessmen. Tony allure is not relegated to his
money; he is a beautiful man. This sex appeal is what makes
Alyssa ponder about his need for Shannon's services. He could
have virtually any woman he wants. Alyssa is far from being hard to
look at. In fact, Tony finds it hard to not look at her beautiful busom.
Tony needs Alyssa to be his brainless blonde babe of a date and
make his potential business partner drool and hand over a highly
profitable property. Her act is so good that it sparks jealousy and
desire in Tony.  Alyssa's farce threatens the nature of the "no sex"
conditions of the contract for Shannon's dating service. Let's say
Alyssa and Tony's story is muy caliente.

Rachelle Chase is a great author because she does not flat out tell
the story. She provides nuances in her character's thoughts and
actions that make this a work erotic literature instead of being a
book full of filth. For instance, I could never quite figure out what Nick
did for a living, but I could tell it had something to do with having sex.
He thoroughly enjoyed the sex with Jessie because she tapped into
his emotional side. In a sense, Sharice had the same dynamic. I
could tell that she did not feel worthy of love, so she took sex as a
painkiller to ease her heart's desire for more. Jamal's sexual
approach brought Sharice to orgasmic heights because he
unlocked a sensual zone that Sharice thought she had securely
hidden away. Even Alyssa's and Tony's animalistic lust is paced in
a way that you see how and why it builds to be what it becomes.

Another aspect of Chase's writing that stands out in Sin Club is her
ability to traverse the lines of race effortlessly without mocking either
side. The main characters are racially Black and White, yet that's
neither the focal point nor the scope of the situations she details.
She is able to expertly ties the different characters together by
having each character call in to Dr. Love. This provides a perfect
segue into the next segment of the book and keeps everything tied
together. Sin Club had me anxious to read what was coming up but
afraid to jump ahead and miss some intricate detail. I tried to skip a
page or two a couple of times, but I had to go back to where I started
in order to understand how certain events developed. That, to me, is
a sign of great erotic literature. Kudos to Rachelle Chase.

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer

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