Stroking My Soul by Caramel Vixen is an urban poetry
anthology featuring a very sexy story called “Barely Legal

What I liked most about this e book was the author's urban
style of writing throughout the book. Ms. Vixen's poems
showed compassion and boldness in expressing her
sensuality in very explicit and candid terms that are not at
all offensive but at the same time seems to have a jaw
dropping effect on the reader due to the content.

My favorite poem is The Epitome of My Man. In this
sensual poem, the author expressed her deep emotions
and connection to her special man In this poem; it was
definite that her love for this man was more than mere sex,
but rather a deep appreciation that gave her so much
pleasure like no other.

Another favorite poem is Boy Shorts. This poem has a very
fun and flirty feel that had me smiling from ear to ear when
it came to her frankness in regard to her sexuality and the
way she wore those “Boy Shorts”.

As for the story portion of the book (Barely Legal Passion),
I enjoyed how well the story flowed and made sense
throughout. The story centered around a secret
relationship that a woman had with her best friend's “barely
legal son”. He was only 18 and she was 26, but the
passion between the two was something that neither could
deny. The only problem was that Nicole couldn't tell her
best friend Elaina that she was having sex with Elaina's son
(Monty). And to top that off, the drama was brought to
another level when Nicole was confront with a problem that
would force her to let the secret out that she was sleeping
with her best friend's son.

“Barely Legal Passion” was definitely very enjoyable to
read and I only wish that it was a little longer. The story
portion of the book was my most favorite part of all.

This book is a very short read, but is definitely a great read
for any interested in reading erotic poetry and a sexy story
that has a few twists and turns.

Stroking My Soul was published by Thick Madame
Publishing  @

Learn more about Caramel Vixen @ http://caramelvixen84.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

June 2011
Stroking My


Published By:
Thick Madame

October 2010


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