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Summer loving tells the story of a young woman's
relationships with the women in her life during the 1960s (in
the United States).
How love, lust and discipline first
became an existence in her life.

The protagonist, Lydia discovered her own sexual attraction
to females first after spending part of her summer with her
good friend Cherry and her family in the mid west. Lydia
witnessed her friend being disciplined by her friend's step
mother. Lydia found it rather erotic...Lydia had not
experience anything more erotic at that point in her life.

A few days later, Lydia left Cherry's house to take a bus to
San Diego to meet back with her own family.  Lydia then
met the woman who would soon rock her world forever
(Paula). Paula was an older woman who showed Lydia just
how wonderful sex between women can be.  The Bus ride to
San Diego was not any ordinary bus ride. It was one hot
and steamy four day bus ride that changed Lydia's life

After rejoining her family and throughout the story, Lydia
had various encounters with other women with whom she
became involved with sexually. The experiences with each
woman only confirmed that it was her true innate desire to
be sexual with women.

Summer Loving is a steamy, hot, story that crosses the line
from what is called by the author as "discipline" but .which
ever way you may want to call is definitely a very
intense erotic story....

This story is more than about sex between women. This
story will take you back to a time of innocence,  when sex
and exploration were taboo and especially among women.   

Summer Loving was well written and a pleasure to read.  I
would recommend this story to anyone.

Five Stars out of Five !

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted May 2007
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