The Darkness and the Night: Blood and Coffee is a very
intelligently written paranormal romance/horror. The story
starts off with a very erotic love scene shared between
Karen and her boyfriend Jeff. They were both recent
grad school graduates.  Just when things seemed good
between the two, Jeff admits that he had a change of
heart about their relationship.  They were supposed to
visit Karen's family Victorian home. Distorted and feeling
used by Jeff, she decides to take the long drive alone to
meet her family in their vacation home.

Shortly after arriving to the vacation home, Karen
received a call from her mother telling her that there was
a fire and that the family would arrive later than they had
expected. She reluctantly agreed to stay in the home and

Karen was an aspiring writer. She decided to take things
into her own hands and take the time to work on her first
novel. Some time after working on her novel she heard
an unexpected knock at the door. It was a neighbor who
turned out to changed her life - unknown to her at the
time that the neighbor and his family were vampires. She
stayed alone in the vacation home during the day. But
every night she was visited by two vampires named Billy
and Mark. She was seduced mentally and finally
physically by Billy to the point that she seemed

Too far gone and seduced by the vampires, Karen
realized that her father's 'crazed stories' was right about
vampires who lingered in the small town. Her world
suddenly turned upside down as she found herself
changing both physically and mentally. And she soon
realized that she was more like the vampires than she
had thought. Or perhaps, the "vampires" were part of her

This is a very interesting story with a slightly twisted

What I liked most about this story is that it is well written
and meticulously crafted by the author. This book can fit
very well under paranormal romance, but fits more better
in the category of horror filled with more blood and gore
than a paranormal romance should. If you are a fan of
vampires and books about horror than this would not be
a bad book to read.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted September 2010
Book Review
and the
Night: Blood
and Coffee

Lisa Lane

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