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June 2009

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Therapy Rapture is a very interesting book by David
Russell. The book comprises itself of various types of
abstract fantasies instilled in the story line, poems and art
featured within the book.

The story explores the boundaries of how the mind can
sometimes compromise the perception of fantasy verses

The story details the journey of one man's fantasies and
desires for his therapist and fitness trainer in an altered
reality of sometimes romantic and sometimes
compromising sexual situations.

The writing of the entire story is very poetic rather than
direct or even subtle as the author explores this man's
yearning and desperation for the attention and stimulation
of a female. The depth of the writing is intriguing and
shows aspects of refined sensitivity.

The book is a very short read. The story, as well as many
of the poems and art in the book are very abstract and
sometimes unclear. The book in total clocks in at 46
pages. Comprising of 10 pages for the story, 16 pages for
the drawings/art and the remaining pages comprised of

There are interesting variations of drawings in what
appears to be done in pencil accompanied by poetry that
is off topic from the short story and drawings. The
drawings appear to be fantasies of different types of
romantic encounters. The poems vary in topic from the
sensitivity of love to poems that appear to be devoted to
the author's perception of the pop star
Madonna in his
fantasies namely poems such as:(1) Reveal Yourself (2)
Madonna (3) Like a Prayer 2  (4) I'll Justify Your Love  -
just to name a few.

I appreciate the author's ability to explore fantasies from a
abstract perspective and romanticized view of love and

If you are one to appreciate interesting abstract fantasies,
than perhaps this is the book for you. However, if you
prefer fantasies that are more direct in it's approach, than
perhaps this may not be the book for you. The choice is
yours. Happy reading!

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted October 2009