If I had one word to describe the book, The Rebirth of a Lost Poet, I
would say
"Beautiful."  Beautiful in that the author takes you on a
romantic journey of his heart  which is  poured out  through the
written words of poetry.

Throughout his journey,  Douglas Moore Jr., gradually unfolds his
yearning to find love. It starts as a pray to God, then moves forward
with the beginning of his relationship with his love. Then finally
profound as he gives his heart to the one who makes his heart beat
through love.

As I read Doug's book of  poetry my eyes watered a bit because his
words are so sincere and so deep.  And I think that every woman  
especially, wants to be in love and find that person who can evoke
such emotions that can inspire a man to write a book!

The writing process is very intelligent and expressed in a romantic
tone that is deeply thought out. This book of poetry makes you want
to believe that giving your heart to someone can be the most
beautiful thing you can ever give and to see through the eyes of the

My favorite poem is:
In My Dreams,  because it  spoke so perfectly on
how wonderful it is to dream about love.

Unlike a lot of the books that I've reviewed...this book does not
accentuate sexuality. This book is filled with love from the beginning
to the end.

In this book, Doug bares it all for love. He offers poetry thorough
deep thoughts that challenges the way you think about what really
matters in life...

So, if you are looking for deep and insightful romantic poetry from a
male perceptive, then this is the book for  you.

Four and a half stars out of five!

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted July 2007
Book Review
The Rebirth
of a Lost

Moore Jr.

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