I need a barf bag!!!!

I would compare The Velvet Rope to a bad Hollywood
horror movie. You know the type (black folk can relate to
this) of movie where the victims are so incredibly stupid
that you are yelling at the screen pleading for the ax
murderer to kill them because they deserve to be
murdered for their idiocy.

The characters within this novel are so fucking stupid
and the plot is so farfetched and unbelievable that I
found myself cursing at the book.  

The only reason why I don’t give this book a zero rating is
because Brenda Thomas’ sex scenes (to borrow a
phrase from me) are Off the Chain!

Ohh my God!  The scene…where the chick in the
heels…and little short dress…tries to get away from a
guy who wants to do her…by running up a ladder…which
only gives the guy full access to her goodies when he
goes up the ladder after her!  Awwww…hell to da yea!  I
need to buy a ladder!

Unfortunately, the sex scenes in the book are few, which
makes the book tedious to read at best.  I
mean…I…I…just wanted to…hurl…all over the
book at times.  My stomach is churning right now as I
write this review.  

I just wanna…Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  
Forgive me.

Two Stars out of Five

Euftis Emery
Author of Off the Chain
Book Review
The Velvet

Brenda L.

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Posted February 2007
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