P. Elaine Archie's The Weekend is a tale of love over lust.
Since reaching her 40s, Nina has been married with
children and divorced but still has some party left in her.
She is an editor of a prominent African-American magazine
by day and seeks love and sex by night -- and in that order!

She tried her hand at a younger man. Si'Time was
everything she needed sexually. But he was not mature
enough to treat her with the dignity and respect she
deserved. After finding out the secret life he was leading,
she was determined to not play second or third fiddle to
any woman. The only setback was that it took six years to
put that rationale into practice. This move finally leaves her
open to a new relationship.

She thought she had the man of her dreams, Adeli. He
spoiled her beyond her dreams, was good with her kids
and wanted to marry her. His great personality more than
made up for his inability to push her to her sexual limits,
and Nina was ready to settle down again. Her heart was left
empty when he had a heart attack and died.

Nina is a woman that would be a great catch for a good
man, but her sexual energy causes her to yearn for a Mr.
Right Now if Mr. Right isn't around. Her string of luck in
finding Mr. Right has not been on her side, and it causes
her to think like a man: "hit it and quit it". When she teams
up with her best friend Lissa, Houston's nightlife is far from
being safe.

A chance meeting with Omar almost caused her lust to get
in the way of her finding true love. Luckily, her self-control
kicks in before she finds herself in the shadows of a club
doing the nasty. Instead, she pauses Omar to ask if this
would be more than a one night-stand. Weary of the
variations of the "hit it and quit it" routine, she is cautious
of Omar's good intentions. Is a perfect man too good to me
true? Is the "wine and dine" a set up for the "sex it and

The Weekend is a fairly quick read. Although Nina is one
horny freak, the sex factor really takes a backseat to the
relationship aspect as Nina introspects. Many women will
be able to relate to Nina's needs in the bed comes second
to affairs of the heart. One thing you don't have to worry
about with this book is whether or not you will understand
what's going on during the sex scenes. P. Elaine Archie
lays the scenarios out there in a conversational style that
turn you on, make you close the book or both!

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine
Book Review

P. Elaine

Published By:

April 2006

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