Truth and Consequences
This is the third and final book in the Obsession series
written by JR King. In this installment entitled Truth and
Consequences, we get a look into the mind of Alexander
as he reveals his darkest secrets and pain that has
haunted him for many years and also see a more
intimate and playful side to his character. We are also
introduced more into the mind and passions of Elena as
she and Alexander continue to push the limits to their
love and intensify their sexual encounters in the mix.
Both of their stories are told in different chapters in their
own words and from their own perspectives and I think
that is what makes this story so much more intriguing.
Their love seemed solid, and their story is sexy and
exciting. It is a love story. Alexander's love for Elena has
grown more deeply as he contemplated proposing
marriage. Like the other installments, this story is sexy
yet intense but has more in depth elements that makes
this story even more interesting than the first two
installments. I enjoyed the depth of descriptions as this
story was crafted out so nicely and the vivid images and
dialogue especially during the intimate scenes was a
plus. This installment has a twist that was unexpected as
Elena's love is tested when secrets spill out regarding
the truth about a very dark matter. Elena finds out about
something that she had not unknown and discovers the
consequences that follow.
and Consequences
(Obsession Book 3)

JR King

Published By:
Amazon Digital
Services, Inc.

Release Date::
August 24, 2015


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