Up in Flames is a short but sexy story/novella about a nerdy
secretary named Rachel Masters who found herself in a
tight position when she got stuck in an elevator with her
“work crush” James White, the millionaire architect who
before their chance encountered seemed oblivious to her.
Although, Rachel disliked enclosed places their time in the
elevator turned into an unbelievable time of passion that left
an impressionable mark on them both. James comforted
Rachel to help her deal with her extreme claustrophobic
feelings of being in enclosed places. Being with James was
only a fantasy until that chance encounter. And soon they
both felt what it felt like to comfort each other with erotic play
and it soon became an unbelievable night of passion in an
elevator between the two

Although, the story was short and to the point coming in at
only 33 pages, this story was steamy from the being to the
end. The writing was creative and sexy. This story was told
from Rachel’s prospective, so you only get her view of the
encounter. The only flaw was that the story line could have
been a little more developed in terms of how this
encountered changed their relationship on a personal and
business level. This story is short, but a tasty tease.
Perhaps the author may write more about these characters
in a future book.This was a good short read.

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Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted August
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Book Review
Up in Flames


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August 2012