Do vampires really exist? Could they possibility be living
among us?

Giles's trace this phenomenon in the third installment of
the Vampire Vignettes saga.  Giles creates an exciting but
twisted tale filled with vampire lore and paganism. It is an
infectious view of vampire characters who in their
personalities seem human from their emotions and

The saga continues as the story takes place in
Charleston, Sc, which is both the setting of this story and
also Giles’ hometown

Giles crafts a well written story filled with fresh twists of
modern vampires living in the south  Reading the novel
felt almost like watching a movie because it was so well
thought out.. And this story makes you believe that maybe
vampires do exist as it details the vampire attack of a

Giles takes her time as she introduce the characters and
details the setting to make the story more believable.  I
could clearly see that Giles had knowledge of what the
story was about...vampires!

What I liked the most about the novel was that it was
believable and well researched because of the
descriptions and terminology used..

The story was a good read. it gave a good view inside the
lives of vampires and also a understanding of occult
lifestyles such as  Wiccan magick.

This book may not be for everyone because it deals with
the occult, but if you're interested in reading something
different. Than this may be the book for you.

Four and a half Stars Out of Five!

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, editor-in-chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted December 2007
V3: The Vampire

G.L. Giles

Published By:

May 2007

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