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Caution: Zane and The Punany Poets combine to present a
combustible compilation of erotic poetry.

With 94 poems and short stories packed into 303 pages, the
readers of Verbal Penetration get to have a meeting of the mind,
body and soul with the contributors that is akin to tantric sex. Jessica
Holter, aka Ghetto Girl Blue, sets the tone with the title poem. It
starts like a family prayer and quickly incorporates carnal pleas for
the prolonged lyrical lovemaking session that follows. Verbal
Penetration mixes sexually oriented writings that are intensely
raunchy with those that are thought provoking.

I liked the diversity brought by the Punany Poets. They were able to
keep the common thread of being sexually explicit without
replicating each other's poems. Considering the amount of pages
this book covers, this was no small feat. The Punany Poets are also
very professional in their approach. I felt like they depicted real-life
sexual situations far removed from the literally fantastic sex scenes
found in a lot of erotic poetry. It was refreshing to read about
characters that are physically vulnerable and sexually invincible.

Some of the titles pique the curiosity like a moth to light. I could tell
what they were about while I browsed through the index. For
example, The Male G-Spot will give the uninitiated a new technique
to add to their sexual arsenal, and The Head Doctor and Giving
Good Head...need no explanation. However, not all of the poems
have "see though" titles. For instance, the poem entitled Let me Tell
you about My Pimp is very thought provoking in its double entendre
when you realize who Ghetto Girl Blue's pimp really is.

Far from the "wham bam thank you ma'am" cheap thrill, Verbal
Penetration is more than sex for sex's sake. My preconcieved
notions of getting my freaky read on were laid to the side for the
occasional serious issue. That actually was a pleasant surprise.
Verbal Penetration is sectioned off with AIDS facts that are equally
alarming and enlightening and is sprinkled throughout with safe sex
practices. This enhances the experience of reading Verbal
Penetration without taking anything away from its sensualism. I was
thoroughly impressed. The short story Stranger Let's Talk is a
perfect example. Full of sexual tension, this narrative is an eye
opener that deals with the lifelong effects of a few minutes of

First and foremost, The Punany Poets are sexual revolutionaries,
and Verbal Penetration is a war on inhibitions, ignorance and
impotence. As multifarious as human nature, this collection is well
deserving of Zane's stamp of approval. Jessica Holter and her
Ghetto Girl Blue alter ego provide a bulk of the writings, yet readers
will equally enjoy the writings of D J Blackmon, J Steal, T. Calloway,
Kineta James and others. Verbal Penetration is three hundred plus
pages of pure passion, perspiration and... the power of The Punany!

Five out of Five Stars

Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine
Punany Poets


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April 2007

Hard Cover
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