Lacey Alexander's novel Voyeur is nothing short of libidinous. From
her bashful beginnings to her erotic exploits, Laura Watkins gains
a knowledge of herself that only a fortunate few get to realize. What
starts off as retreat ends up being her arrival to the full breadth of
her womanhood.

With seven Riley Wainscott Mystery novels completed and the last
two making the US Today best-seller list, Laura is quckly
becoming a respected author. She has less than a month to give
her editor the latest edition to the series. Within the confines of her
modest Seattle apartment, Laura is hit with a serious bout of
writer's block. Her best-friend Monica, a psychiatrist by day and
sex-fiend by night, correlates Laura's lack of writing to a lack of sex
since the recent breakup with her boyfriend. In contrast, Laura
insists that her novel will be rejuvenated by a change of scenery.

Since Monica's cousin has a vacation home that is available, Laura
soon finds herself nestled in the snowy mountains of Colorado.
Laura jumps at the opportunity to use this getaway to get back to
what she does best. Unfortunately, the new surroundings do
nothing for her capability to compose. Humoring Monica, she
attempts masturbation to get the creative juices flowing one wintery
night. To add to the ambiance, she imagines Monica's cousin is
watching via the web cam that is attached to the computer across
the room. Laura he idea of a person on the other side of the web
cam peeking at her autoerotism to supplement her isolation. She
finds out that her flight of fancy was actually a startling reality when
the home's owner instant messages her the next morning.

Flyboy1, whose real name is Braden, guides Laura to the depths of
her sexual core. What starts out light -- intimate sensuality in front
of the web cam -- quickly avalanches into an intense
person-to-person encounter. Braden persuades Laura to leave no
lascivious stone unturned. Laura slowly allows herself to be
liberated from her conservatism. Her sexual scholarship stirs up a
new subjective struggle, Laura's burgeoning love for Braden.

What about the book she went to Colorado to complete? The latest
novel in the Riley Wainscott sequel is strangely familiar. As Laura's
life becomes more sensual, so does her character Riley's.
Normally engrossed with sifting through some clues and gaining
recognition for the sleuth she aspires to be, Riley has little room for
seeking a companion. That was until Sloane Bennett breezes into
the New England town. Sloan is as cavalier as he is enchanting
and the nephew of Riley's neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Dorchester.

The competition to solve the mysterious disappearances of  the
Dorchester's things leads to sexual encounters previously
unknown to Laura's series. Oscillating between covert and overt,
Laura injects symbolisms into the story that makes the
novel-in-progress an enchanting aspect to Voyeur. Tall, dark and
luscious, Sloane is a perfect reciprocal to Braden. Likewise, Riley's
torrid relationship with Sloane ends abruptly as Laura's fling with
Braden. Or does it? You'll have to read to find out...

The real voyeur in this novel ends up being the reader. You get to
peer in on the beginnings of a relationship that is both primal and
synergistic. You get to see what Laura allows Braden to exposed to
her about her own sexual appetites. You may even find a guilty
pleasure in seeing how the lusty connection unfolds. From
vibrators and lingerie to watching the neighbors during coitus to a
menage-a-trios to anal sex, Laura traverses a sexual landscape
that will leave your heart racing and your mind swimming.


Reviewed by J.Pink, book reviewer
Bare Back Magazine
Posted February 2009


Published By:
NAL Trade

May 1, 2007

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