Wanton White Women is a very interesting collection of
erotic tales by author Sir. It is one of those books that will
challenge the reader because you will either love it or hate it
due to the very explicit but cleverly written combination of
sexuality and religious references that the author often refer
to as sermons.

The book is divided into eight chapters: Sermons to awaken
the flesh, Book of Kate, Sermons for the wanton, Book of
Heather, Sermons from Hell, Book of suburbia, Sermons for
the damned and Book of perversions dear. Within each
chapter there are combinations of many erotic tales and
sermon-type stories that contain very graphic sexual topics
such as: fetish relations, oral sex, multiple sex partners, role
play and dominant and submissive relations.  Each story
teases the reader in a sort of verbal foreplay that becomes
erotic intercourse as each story unfolds.

The author adds controversy to many of these tales by
diving into “sermons of erotic tales” of white women worship
of the black cock. For example, in his story entitled Lipstick
his sermon focus on women that prefer to be dominated and
often humiliated sexually through oral sex. Also, in “Born
Cock Sucker”, he talks about the “dirty girl” and how she is
born to be a slut and cum freak, and how that is something
to be proud of. This story is erotic, but may be offensive to
some readers.

My favorite chapter is The Book of Kate. The first story is
When Kate first swallowed as it is written by Kate who
is a self-professed cum freak. She discusses her first-time
giving oral sex and her worship of black cock. Another
favorite in this chapter is a story called Creative Director, in
which a very dominate black male character is discussing
his relationship with Kate, as she is his sub and her desire
to worship and drink of his juices. When Kate’s Son’s
trespasses is another that I enjoyed within The Book of Kate
as it starts off when Kate caught her cuckold masturbating.
And as punishment she makes him suck her black lover’s
cock because he was a “cock sucking bitch”.

At times, the author writes like a preacher like for example in
his sermon “Original Sin”, he makes reference to a
congregation and preach as a minister would in a story
about Adam and Eve, then goes to discuss Fetish
relationships in the same breath.

All within a breath each story interjects religion and sexuality
as if they go hand and hand.

At times, I thought about the hypocrisy and a contradictions
that even today occurs within the church with some
preachers who either knowingly or in their subconscious are
sexual predators within their own congregation. In one
breath preaching about religion but in the next having
relationships with the congregation.

I thought it was interesting how the author focused the book
primarily on tales of oral sex as a sort of awakening for the
female to be submissive and even kinky. But the
controversy here lies in the author’s focus on the Wanton
White Woman and her fascination of the black cock as
dominate and reckoned to be worshipped through
humiliation throughout this book.   

Overall, my feelings were rather mixed, but in the process I
was very interested in reading each story and at times very
turned on. This is a very good read if you are open- minded.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks, Editor-in-Chief,
Bare Back Magazine

Posted: June 2013
Book Review